Pearson Science NSW 7 Activity Book

Author: Devlin et al, Publisher: Pearson

The Pearson Science New South Wales 7 Activity Book reinforces, extends and enriches learning initiated through the student book. Developed from the ground up with scientific literacy and accessibility at its core, the write-in book offers a variety of activities, learning styles and questions that are used to reinforce learning outcomes, including: clear labelling to indicate which NSW Syllabus areas each worksheet is covering, and a literacy review for each chapter to help students learn key terms. The Activity Book can be used for independent student work, independent classroom work, or as a complete homework program.

The Pearson Science NSW series will not only save you time in implementing the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, but it’s the only series that really engages your students. The series includes content and activities presented within the context of the three NSW Syllabus strands: Knowledge and Understanding, Working Scientifically and Learning Across the Curriculum. Content identified as ‘Additional’ in the NSW syllabus has been clearly differentiated from core content and is carefully placed in the flow of content.

More Information
Year Level Year 7
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 05/09/2013
ISBN 9781442565579
Subject Science