Pearson Science Stage 4 Skills and Assessment Book with Lightbook Starter

Author: Armstrong et al, Publisher: Pearson

Introducing the Pearson Stage 4 and 5 Skills and Assessment books for New South Wales.

Write-in Skills and Assessment Books with a focus on working scientifically skills and assessment are designed to equip students with the skills required to succeed. Each Skills and Assessment book comes with Lightbook Starter, Pearson's digital formative and summative assessment tool which provides further opportunity for students to apply their understanding of working scientifically skills whilst tracking their progress with the progress tracker.

Developed by highly experienced and expert author teams, the skills and assessment books include high quality, skills-focussed activities that provide opportunities for learners to apply their content knowledge. The activities are scaffolded to provide Stage-appropriate support to develop students’ confidence in applying Working scientifically skills and working independently.

  • Engaging Toolkit provides students with the skills required to access the worksheets, through an interactive ‘read a little, do a little’ approach.
  • Worksheets that provide students with opportunities to practice and apply Working scientifically skills. Scaffolded guidance is provided to reinforce general capabilities such as numeracy, literacy and critical and creative thinking.
  • Practical activities that provide students with hands-on laboratory and fieldwork experiences, allowing them to apply the processes of Working scientifically, such as questioning and predicting, conducting investigations and processing and analysing data and information.
  • Inquiry activities that spark curiosity by posing open-ended questions that encourage students to plan, design and create solutions. These problems require students to draw on their acquired knowledge and skills, but are more about the process than the actual solution.
  • Depth studies that provide students with opportunities to engage further with Working scientifically skills by investigating an area of interest found within or inspired by the syllabus. Depth studies promote independent learning and engagement with the processes of Working scientifically within the context of real world science. Stage 4 and 5 depth studies will prepare students for the more rigorous depth studies at Stage 6.
  • Strand openers link to the broader knowledge and skills outcomes from the Stage 4 and 5 Syllabuses, written in student friendly language.
  • Additional content outcomes are addressed through skills in this resource as it is vital students grasp this content in order to prepare them for Stage 6 science.
  • The NSW Stage 4 and 5 Learning across the curriculum content, including the cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities, is addressed throughout the series and identified using icons.
  • Designed so that they are able to be used independently from any Student Book.
  • Fully worked solutions and suggested answers to the Skills and Assessment book can be found in the Teacher ProductLink on Pearson Places.

  • Lightbook Starter

    Lightbook Starter is an innovative digital resource developed to help students assess understanding and track progress. It assesses the readiness of the learner prior to tackling topics, as well as their understanding through post-topic assessment and auto-correcting questions linked to the progress tracker dashboard.

    • Lightbook Starter contains sets of questions that are complementary to the activities within the Skills and Assessment Book.
    • Hints and auto-correcting questions offer students instant feedback when they engage with this formative assessment platform.
    • Before you begin questions provide insight into students’ level of understanding at the beginning of a topic.
    • Review questions assess students’ understanding at the end of each topic.
    • Questions are all tracked against curriculum learning outcomes, making progress monitoring simple.
    • A handy icon indicates the best time to engage with Lightbook Starter.
    More Information
    Year Level Year 7, Year 8
    Edition 1st
    Date of Publication 1 November 2019
    ISBN 9781488626142
    Subject Science