Perfect Guide 'O' Level Science Physics Structured Questions

Author: David Ng, Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

Close adherence to MOE's latest GCE 'O' Level Science (Physics) Syllabus
Changes to the syllabus have been incorporated into the book

Levelling-up problem solving process
Questions in each topic are presented with increasing level of difficulty. Easier questions that require direct application to explicit problems pertaining to the chapter are first presented. As students work through these, they will gradually progress to questions that are no longer directly explicit but require assimilation of concepts fom previous topics.

Comprehensive answer key
The answer key provided is designed to be comprehensive, efficient and effective for two purposes. The first id for students to gain a meaningful understanding of Science (Physics) and secondary, to enable the students to gain full credit during examination.

Marking system for student self-assessment
All questions come with marks. This provides students with a more exact measure of the weightage of each question and thus enables them to analyse their own performance and areas of need, be it in calculation or explanation-based type questions.

Self-help for challenging concepts like textbook links and exam tips
It is understandable that during the course of learning, students may need refresher of knowledge or skills from previous topics or evena guide as to ehere they will be able to locate further help on a particular concept. Problems that students typically find especially challenging come with EXAN TIPS that further explain how the concept is applied such that the problem can be solved. Textbook LINKS that point to where concepts can be found in the text, Discover Physics (4th Edition). are provided throughout the book.


  • Theme 1: General Physics
    • Measurement
    • Kinematics
    • Forces and Pressure
    • Mass, Weight and Density
    • Turning Effect of Forces
    • Energy, Work and Power
    • Theme 1: Challenging Segment
  • Theme 2: Thermal Physics
    • Kinetic Model of Matter
    • Transfer of Thermal Energy
    • Thermal Properties of Matter
    • Theme 2: Challenging Segment
  • Theme 3: Light, Waves and Sound
    • Light
    • Waves
    • Electromagnetic Waves
    • Sound
    • Theme 3: Challenging Segment
  • Theme 4: Electricity and Magnetism
    • Static Electricity
    • Current Electricity
    • D.C. Circuits
    • Practical Electricity
    • Magnetism and Electromagnetism
    • Theme 4: Challenging Segment
  • Final Paper
  • Answers and Worked Solutions
  • The Examination Format
  • Commonly Used Terms in Examination Questions
More Information
Year Level Year 10, Year 11
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9789810118686
Subject Physics, Science