Pete the Sheep

Author: Jackie French, Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Now: $4.99 Was: $16.99

The award-winning team behind Diary of a Wombat have joined forces again to create another highly amusing picture book.

Sean is a shearer and instead of a sheepdog to help him, he′s got a sheep sheep - Pete. After being rejected by the other shearers and their dogs, Sean and Pete set up a sheep salon in town. Sheep from everywhere arrive to have their wool shorn in the latest style and even the shearers′ dogs end up arriving for a cut in order to look gorgeous.

Jackie and Bruce have created the perfect combination of words and illustrations in this irreverent look at the world of sheep shearing.

Ages 4-9

More Information
Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
Edition Paperback
Date of Publication 2006
ISBN 9780207199745