Philosophy with Kids Book 3

Author: Chris de Haan, San MacColl & Lucy McCutcheon, Publisher: Five Senses

Philosophy with kids? Yes - you can teach philosophy to the very youngest of children. Their sense of wonder, fertile imaginations and insatiable curiosity all make them natural philosophers. The program presented in the Philosophy with Kids series harnesses these characteristics to encourage children to become creative, effective and independent thinkers.

Philosophy with Kids consists of four practical teacher resource books, each covering a series of themes, ideas and activities exploring the use of philosophy with children. They aim to develop listening and thinking skills, problem solving and questioning techniques and cooperative behaviour. The skills developed are applicable through all the Key Learning Areas especially in PD, Health and Literacy Development. Familiar children's story books and poems are used to stimulate discussion. But the agenda is set by the children themselves, working together within a community of enquiry - listening, thinking, questioning, reflecting and respecting each others' views.

Philosophy with Kids Books 1, 2 and 3 are best suited for use with junior and middle primary classes while Philosophy with Kids: More Ideas and Activities contains ideas and activities suitable for all primary classes.

Chris de Haan has theatre, community arts and philosophy in her background. Lucy McCutcheon is a highly qualified primary teacher. San MacColl is an experienced philosopher who was inspired by reading picture books to her own kids.

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ISBN 9781741301533
Subject Philosophy