Phonics First Level Book 5: Digraphs, Long Vowel Rules, Soft c & g Ages 4+

Author: Hunter Calder, Publisher: Pascal Press
The Phonics First series has been written specifically for pre-readers and beginning readers (suggested age 4 -€“ 6). The series is carefully structured to develop phonemic awareness -€“ the ability to identify individual sounds in words as well as the ability to blend sounds into meaningful words. In Phonics First Book 5, students are introduced to higher order phonics skills and generalisations. They learn the common consonant digraphs, long vowel rules, and the soft '‘c'’ and '‘g'’ sounds. Through a variety of motivational exercises and activities students develop their skills so they are able to read words containing these sounds with accuracy and fluency. The Reading Freedom 2000 Diagnostic Handbook should be used to place students at the correct level in the program. In order to work successfully with the Phonics First Activity Books, teachers should refer to the Phonics First Teacher Resource Book and monitor student progress with the Phonics First Achievement Tests.
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Year Level Year 1
ISBN 9781740200202
Subject English