Physics in Focus Year 11 Skills & Assessment Workbook

Author: Edward Baker, Darren Goossens & Owen Hamerton, Publisher: Cengage Learning

The Science in Focus Physics Skills and Assessment Workbook approaches the Physics NESA Stage 6 syllabi sequentially. The workbook is organised by inquiry question and have a skillsfocused worksheet approach. The workbook helps students build capacity to work scientifically, complete high-quality depth studies and succeed in formal school-based assessment and the HSC exam.

  • Collection of trusted, high-quality worksheets that approach the syllabus sequentially, develop students’ ability to work scientifically and solidify key knowledge and understanding.
  • Chapters sequentially follow the order of the relevant syllabus, with one chapter per inquiry question. Teachers do not need to spend time mapping the workbook to the syllabus.
  • Learning goals are stated at the start of each worksheet, which are directly linked to syllabus dot points, and state the learning intention of the worksheet
  • There is plenty of visual and written stimulus material in colour, not just B&W.
  • Worked solutions are provided at the back of the book.


  • 1 An introduction to working scientifically and depth studies
  • Module 1: Kinematics
  • 2 Motion in a straight Line
  • 3 Motion on a plane
  • Module 2: Dynamics
  • 4 Forces
  • 5 Forces, acceleration and energy
  • 6 Momentum, energy and simple systems
  • Module 3: Waves and thermodynamics
  • 7 Wave behaviour
  • 8 Sound waves
  • 9 Ray model of light
  • 10 Thermodynamics
  • Module 4: Electricity and magnetism
  • 11 Electrostatics
  • 12 Electric circuits
  • 13 Magnetism
  • Answers
More Information
Year Level Year 11
Date of Publication 20 October 2020
ISBN 9780170449595
Subject Physics, Science