Poetry Advanced Version (Yrs 6-12) - Inquiry Learning Through Concepts

Author: , Publisher: ThinkShop

Having an Inquiry Learning meltdown? Here's just what you need!

  • ready-to-go units
  • purposely simple and flexible
  • suits different teaching styles - great for differentiation
  • most of the hard work done for you
  • combines top models like Bloom's, Key Comps, Habits of Mind, Sternberg, Understanding by Design, SOLO ...

Each book includes a 'hook' as an introductory stimulator, Big Questions and Understandings, assessment tools, recommended resources, creative thinking activities, and a set of PK discussion cards on the topic to establish Prior Knowledge.

Introductory Version for Years 1-5; Advanced Version for Years 6-12.


"...able to be adapted to a great range of ages..."

"...assessment activities are fun and meaningful"

"I've spent hours in the past doing my own planning - now it's all there for me and I can use my time enjoying the learning with the kids"

"Everything a teacher would want in a unit and more.."

"Flexible enough for us to add to it and move off on tangents as these children like to do..."


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Year Level Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
ISBN 9781877377594