Poultry The Major Breeds

Author: Bruce Pattinson, Publisher: Five Senses

Bruce Pattinson has been involved in poultry for many years. He is currently the President of the Exhibition Poultry Association of New South Wales and a registered poultry judge. This is the second volume of his information series on poultry.

This volume has its focus on the major breeds of fancy poultry in Australia and the breeds that have strong followings in the fancy and amongst the general public. While it is not a definitive list, the breeds have been selected as carefully as possible.

It provides some historical information upon the different breeds but focuses mainly upon breeding tips appropriate for the general fancier. The book includes contributions from fanciers in every state, resulting in an Australia-wide information base. The information is enriched by photos of Australian birds which have been winners at Australian shows from 1999 to 2002.

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ISBN 9781876932220
Subject Agriculture, Technology