Prejudice ThinkPack - based on The Cay

Author: , Publisher: ThinkShop

Stretch your students' thinking about important issues - like refugees, or prejudice...Take popular children's novels that incorporate timeless themes and use them as Blooms-based activities to stretch students' minds over literacy, social and environment studies, maths, art, and science. Great as a class unit or as an enrichment activity to challenge more able students. Includes philosophical questions for discussion, as well as Sternberg-type activities.

The Prejudice Thinkpack is based on Theodore Taylor's The Cay. Castaways Phillip and his protector, Timothy strive for survival, while undergoing changing attitudes to racial prejudice.

For Years 6-9.

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Year Level Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9
ISBN 9781877377143