Primary French Workbook 1

Author: Kathryn Methven & Louise Robertson, Publisher: Five Senses

Bienvenue à les Primary French Workbooks!

Primary French is a series of workbooks for primary students learning French as a Language Other than English.

As with the learning of any language, children need to experience a range of activities relating to oral interaction, reading and responding and writing. Primary French emphasises the communicative approach to learning French. Children are encouraged to interact in social exchanges using simple words and everyday expressions. With regard to the interaction between the students, their teacher and the characters, the books use the more familiar tu/toi form, in place of the more formal vous.

Teachers who are just beginning the exciting challenge of introducing a Language Other than English to their students will find primary French a lively and stimulating workbook. Activities have been carefully planned and written in order to give many opportunities to integrate into other Key Learning Areas such as English Handwriting, Talking and Listening, Mathematics, HSIE and Creative and Practical Arts.

Workbook 1 is an introduction to French in the spoken and written form and is centred around simple themes such as Greetings, Colours, Numbers, Animals and Time. Students are motivated by the original native animal characters that give the book a true Australian flavor.

This is continued in the second workbook, which exposes children to more advanced spoken and written French. It contains themes such as the Zoo, the Body, Weather and Time.

The third and final workbook deals with more advanced vocabulary and themes such as Sport, Transport, Clothes, Shopping and Leisure.


  • Leçon 1 Salutations
  • Leçon 2 Les nombres
  • Leçon 3 Quel age as-tu?
  • Leçon 4 Les couleurs
  • Leçon 5 La famille
  • Leçon 6 Ou habites-tu?
  • Leçon 7 Les animaux
  • Leçon 8 Les jours de la semaine
  • Leçon 9 L'heure du jour
  • Leçon 10 Les mois de I'annee
  • Le dictionnaire français / anglais - anglais / français
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ISBN 9781876028237
Subject French, Languages other than English (LOTE)
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