Prime Ministers of Australia 7th edition

Author: Jill B. Bruce, Publisher: Five Senses

This popular book covers each of Australia's prime ministers from Edmond Barton, the prime minister at Federation in 1901, to Scott Morrison, giving detailed personal and career information.

There is at least one prime minister to a page with an illustration of each, as well as a postage stamp for the prime ministers from Barton to Menzies. Each entry describes an interesting facet of their career or something they achieved in their time as prime minister. Australia has issued postage stamps featuring the prime ministers from Barton to Menzies and these are reproduced, with permission, where appropriate.

The summary at the end explains in simple language what a prime minister does, how parliament works in Australia and how laws are made, plus interesting facts about the old and new Parliament Houses in Canberra.

More Information
Edition 7th
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781760322618