Problem Solving Book 3: Upper Primary

Author: Pete Hall, Michelle Temby, Publisher: Teaching Solutions

“The ability to solve problems is at the heart of mathematics.”

A 3-book series offering an exciting collection of problem-solving lessons.


  • The problems provide children with a challenging learning experience with the emphasis on enjoyment.
  • Many lessons contain photocopiable activity and record sheets, some of which are differentiated at three levels of ability.
  • Each lesson plan includes teaching points, plenary, support and extension, guidance on assessment, learning objectives, vocabulary, resources, and oral and mental starters.
  • Lesson plans and activity sheets cover: Numbers and the number system, Reasoning about numbers or shapes, Counting and recognising numbers, Money and measures, Shape and space, Real-life problems, Adding and subtracting, Calculations and Handling data.
More Information
Year Level Year 5, Year 6
ISBN 9781921085482