Reading and Analysing Voices of WWI: A Companion to Senior English

Author: Emily Bosco & Anthony Bosco, Publisher: Into English

Reading and Analysing Voices of World War One: A Companion to Senior English is a study of a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts that reveal the experiences of soldiers and civilians during the period 1914-1918. Cross-curricular by design, this study includes critical consideration of historical sources alongside poems by Rupert Brooke, Jessie Pope, Wilfred Owen, and Siegfried Sassoon. By analysing early optimistic voices in support of a war of defence of liberation in Europe, before transitioning to disillusioned and angry voices condemning a war of aggression and conquest, students will develop both their understanding of this time in history, and improve their ability yo read, analyse, and interpret texts.

This student book is a highly valuable resources for students and teachers of senior English. It includes:

  • Engaging classroom activities to develop skills in comprehension, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of texts
  • Texts regarded as quality literature, including Australian texts
  • Texts that represent a variety of cultural, social, and gender perspectives
  • Access to the full text of literary works covered throughout the study
More Information
Year Level Year 11, Year 12
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781925771084
Subject English
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