Reading Freedom: Word Workers Teacher Resource Book

Author: Hunter Calder, Publisher: Pascal Press
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The Word Workers Activity Books have been written specifically for students at the early to intermediate years of reading acquisition (suggested ages 7-11). The series is structured to develop, in a sequential manner, basic reading skills. Word Workers takes students from the earliest skills of phonemic awareness to the higher order skills of syllabification and structural analysis.

The Word Workers Teacher Resource Book provides all the information you will need to use the Word Workers series successfully.


  • an overview of the techniques for effective phonics instruction
  • photocopiable classroom aids and record sheets
  • reproductions of all the activity pages in the series with answers marked for easy student monitoring
  • practical suggestions and lesson plans for successful teaching

The Word Workers Teacher Resource Book has been designed as a user-friendly resource for all reading teachers.

The Reading Freedom 2000 Diagnostic Handbook should be used to place students at the correct level in the program. In order to work successfully with the Word Workers Activity Books, teachers should refer to the Word Workers Teacher Resource Book and monitor student progress with the Word Workers Achievement Tests Book.

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Year Level Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Date of Publication 2001
ISBN 9781740200660
Subject English
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