Reading Skills Review: Time Machine

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Send students on a trip through time as they use their reading skills to power their time machine!

Easy directions allow for more learning time!

When players stumble upon a time machine, they must use their reading skills to travel through time. With the roll of the die, they make their way around the board, reading and answering leveled Story Cards that propel them from prehistoric times to the distant future.

A variety of Story Card questions ask students to find the main idea, use context cards, read for detail, find cause and effect, form contractions, find synonyms, and much more.

The first player to successfully travel the path to the distant future wins!


Available in three reading levels!

Red: 2.0-3.5

Blue: 3.5-5.0

Green: 5.0-6.5

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Year Level Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
ISBN 797782010517