Reading to Write: Analysing and Creating Modernist Texts: a student workbook (Print)

Author: Shelley McNamara, Publisher: Qwiller

This workbook is suitable for the new NSW Stage 6 English syllabus, specifically the Year 11 English Common Module: Reading to Write.

Students focus on modernism as a movement in Australia and around the world and considers how the cultural significance of modernity is reflected in literature and art forms. Student will study examples of modern literature and artworks, such as Kenneth Slessor’s ‘Five Bells’, Gail Jones’s Dreams of Speaking, Raymond Carver’s ‘So Much Water So Close to Home’, Lucia Berlin’s ‘Point of View’ and Orientalism, and use these texts as inspiration to create experimental literary pieces through transversal, intergeneric and fictocritcal writing, reflecting modernist ideas, forms and ways of writing.


  • Part One: The City – memory, place and politics
  • Part Two: Memory and Time
  • Part Three: Modernism and the Orient
  • Part Four: Contemporary Australian writing – case study: Dreams of Speaking
  • Part Five: Modernism and Short Stories
  • Part Six: Experimenting with writing
  • Part Seven: Postmodernism – intergeneric writing
More Information
Year Level Year 11
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781925624847
Subject English, English Standard, English Advanced