School Certificate Practice Exams

Author: John Smith, Publisher: Five Senses

This book was published for students to help prepare for the Year 10 School Certificate. While this test is no longer being held in NSW, students will nevertheless find the practice useful.

The book was designed to cover the full range of questions being asked in the School Certificate and to allow practice at completing the question in an exam format.

How to use this book:

  • Complete one paper at a time.
  • Mark each paper as soon as you finish it (answers included at the back of the book).
  • Note how long it takes to complete each paper - time allowed for each paper in the book is 2 hours.
  • Tick and circle the questions which you need to revisit.
  • Redo the papers once you have completed all of them.
More Information
Year Level Year 10
ISBN 9780958572415
Subject Maths