Sheena Cameron (Pearson) Bundle

Author: Sheena Cameron, Publisher: Pearson
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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies - ISBN 9781442518612
  • 1 x The Publishing and Display Handbook - ISBN 9781442528512
  • 1 x The Reading Activity Handbook - ISBN 9781442528529

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies: A practical classroom guide is a step-by-step guide based on the latest reading comprehension research and is the result of Sheena’s learning journey into research-based practice and her experiences teaching in a real classroom.

This book includes information on how to introduce and teach strategies and how they fit into your literacy programme. Each strategy has its own chapter, with:

  • an explanation of the strategy and how it supports comprehension
  • the language we use when using a strategy
  • guided and independent student activities that support teaching the strategy.

There is also an extensive range of teacher- and student-friendly support material, including strategy starter posters, photocopiable masters, bookmarks and certificates.

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies comes with a CD that provides all photocopy masters and support material in digital format.

The Publishing and Display Handbook is a resource book full of information about the classroom environment, display and student publishing.

The first part provides guidelines and ideas to assist teachers in creating interesting and functional classroom environments. The second part provides a reference of ideas for publishing and display formats to present students’ work. These ideas can be adapted for use across the curriculum in a number of different contexts.

The Publishing and Display Handbook includes:

  • ideas to help create a well organised and interesting classroom environment
  • exciting ideas for classroom display
  • over 80 trialled formats to inspire student publishing
  • over 60 photocopy masters to support student learning and save teacher time
  • student information sheets and checklists to encourage independent learning.

The Reading Activity Handbook: Purposeful reading responses to enrich your literacy programme is a comprehensive collection of reading response ideas that includes 19 photocopy masters to support students’ learning. It is designed for teachers at all levels of primary and lower secondary.


Providing students with opportunities to engage in purposeful reading responses has many benefits including:

  • allowing teachers to work with individuals and small groups
  • creating opportunities to observe and monitor students’ comprehension
  • providing authentic reading, writing, talking and creative experiences for students
  • producing quality work that students value.

The responses in this book will benefit your students by:

  • providing opportunities for student choice, which increases student motivation and engagement
  • deepening levels of comprehension by requiring them to return to the text for different purposes
  • enabling them to make personal connections with literature
  • developing independence and positive self-image as a reader.
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