Singing Sound Work Student Cards for 5 year old children

Author: Daphne Ferguson, Publisher: Five Senses

An alphabet song using the sounds of the letters not the letter names.

These cards accompany the children's workbook, Singing Sound Work and CD. There are 26 colour cards in the pack, one for each letter of the alphabet with the words of the Singing Sound Work Song. Each card contains the relevant letter in lower case and upper case, a phrase using those letters (from the words of the song) and a colour illustration of that phrase.


aA   Ants and apples a a a Singing sound work is such fun

bB   Bubbles bursting b b b Singing sound work is such fun

cC   Cockatoo calls c c c Singing sound work is such fun

dD   Dragons dreaming d d d ...

eE   Eggs for energy e e e ...

fF   Fat frogs flopping f f f ...

gG   Garden growing g g g ...


More Information
Year Level Kindergarten
ISBN 9781741300413
Subject English