Skills in Geography - 2nd Edition (Print & PDF Textbook)

Author: Grant Kleeman, Publisher: Cambridge University Press


The text delivered in print format.

PDF Textbook
The downloadable PDF version of the student text enables students to take notes, highlight key passages, and bookmark pages. It is downloaded from Cambridge GO using the unique 16-character code that is found on the inside cover of the Print Textbook.

Skills in Geography Second Edition is a practical geography text that introduces and develops fundamental geography skills required in Years 7—10. This unique resource combines topographic map extracts, supporting explanatory text and graded exercises to enable you to understand geography through practice.

  • Section One covers key geography skills with clear explanations and examples, and relevant activities to help you master each skillset.
  • Section Two explores geography skills in both an Australian and a global context through themes addressed in the Australian Curriculum: Geography.
  • The remaining sections contain topographic map extracts from Australia and around the world, with supporting photographs, satellite images, graphs, tables, thematic maps and activities to guide you towards a comprehensive understanding of topographic mapping skills.
  • The unique large format (252 x 350 mm) is ideal for full page topographic map displays, allowing detailed analysis of the content.
  • Current information on digital maps and techniques such as remote sensing helps you understand the use of contemporary technologies and industry practices in geography.
  • Questions and activities encourage higher-order thinking and are expertly linked to open-ended assessment tasks that allow you to interpret and apply what you have learnt.

About the Author

Grant Kleeman is one of Australia's leading geographical educators. Grant has published many highly regarded geography textbooks, and the pedagogy that underpins them has had a significant impact on the teaching of geography in Australian secondary schools.

More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 31 July 2017
ISBN 9781108264785
Subject Geography
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