Sound Waves Spelling 5 Student Book

Author: Barbara Murray, Publisher: Firefly Education

Sound Waves Spelling is a systematic word study program for your whole school.

Informed by research on the best practices for teaching spelling, the program incorporates four key areas of teaching: phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, morphology and etymology.

Sound Waves Spelling Student Book activities consolidate the explicit teaching of phonemes, graphemes and focus concepts. Activities include:

  • identifying focus phonemes in words
  • segmenting words into phonemes
  • reading and spelling words
  • working with spelling and vocabulary concepts.

Each book* contains an introductory unit which establishes the basic concepts needed to begin working with the program, along with 35 sound units covering the 43 phonemes of Australian English and their most common graphemes. Sound units also include challenges and extension words.

*Books 3–6 include extra pages for students to practise segmenting focus words.

More Information
Year Level Year 5
Date of Publication June 2021
ISBN 9781741353655
Subject English
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