Sound Work Readers Boxed Set B Books 12-22

Author: Daphne Ferguson, Publisher: Five Senses

This set of boxed readers contains 11 titles:

  • Bess Blows Bubbles
  • Ted is a Tiger
  • Picnic in Possum Park
  • Ducks, Dogs and Dingo
  • Carol and Callum
  • In the Bush. In the Town
  • Len and the Lamb
  • Hansel has Hiccups
  • The J Family
  • Wilma's Wig
  • Max the Vet

Each title in this pack can also be purchased individually for $6.

A Teacher's Manual is also available for Set B.

More Information
Year Level Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2
ISBN 9781741306675
Subject English