Sound Work Workbook 3 (NSW)

Author: Daphne Ferguson, Publisher: Five Senses

The Sound Work series includes:

  • Singing Sound Work CD
  • Singing Sound Work workbook - Introducing the Single Sounds
  • Sound Work 1 workbook - Working with the Single Sounds
  • Sound Work 2 workbook - Consonant Blends
  • Sound Work 3 workbook - Digraphs
  • Sound Work 4 workbook - More Digraphs
  • Sound Work 5 workbook - Harder Digraphs and Spelling Rules

When young children are learning to read, spell and write, their workbooks should be printed in the style of font they are expected to use. The Sound Work workbooks are printed in NSW, Victoria and Queensland fonts. The six workbooks provide specific learning experiences that lead children from meeting and working with the Single Sounds through Consonant Blends and Digraphs and on to Spelling Rules.

Care has been taken in the workbooks to ensure that they allow for the child's progression with reading, writing, spelling and thought processes. Children are led through a variety of activities, which will not only increase their reading, spelling and handwriting skills in a stimulating and enjoyable way but also will increase their English vocabulary. The variety of fun learning activities in the six Sound Work workbooks will ensure the child's active participation in the learning process. The activities are presented with words in isolation and words in context.

Activities include:

  • cutting and pasting
  • colouring
  • bingo games
  • pre-writing patterns
  • tracing over letters
  • writing the missing letters
  • finding pictures in magazines
  • visual discrimination
  • auditory discrimination
  • rhyming words
  • labelling
  • classifying
  • sorting
  • listing
  • read and draw
  • word patterns
  • cloze passages
  • mini-flip book
  • yes or no
  • true or false
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ISBN 9781876932817
Subject English