Speller Senior (Ages 10+)

Author: , Publisher: Creatives

In Speller Senior, a child can practise the spelling of 900 words.

Recommended for ages 10+

For 2-4 players / teams

Learning Objectives:

  • Testing the spelling of 900 words, many of them often misspelt.
  • Practising and reinforcing the spelling of these words
  • Enriching vocabulary and knowledge
  • Developing the habit of reading and writing carefully

The Game:

  • Players roll the die one by one. The number rolled is used to move the counter and select the word to spell.
  • The players spell out their word one by one, with no penalty for wrong answers. The first player or team to spell the word correctly earns the right to move their play piece the number of spaces rolled by the reader.
  • The reader changes on each turn clockwise.
  • The winner is the first player or team to enter the start space after circling the board. The winner of 3 rounds is awarded the champion title.


  • A multi-colour playboard
  • 4 play pieces – 1 for each player/team
  • 300 spelling cards – divided into 3 groups, each card with 3 words.
  • 1 special die
  • Step-by-step rules
More Information
Year Level Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Subject English
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