Spelling Rules! Teacher Resource Book F-2

Author: Tanya Gibbs, Publisher: Macmillan

The Teacher Resource books for Spelling Rules! are packed with valuable background information about spelling development and spelling knowledge. These flexible resources enable differentiation with teaching ideas for every unit, guidelines for assessing spelling and diagnosing spelling errors, activities to support struggling spellers, extension for more able spellers and extra word lists.

The Teacher Resource books now include a disc that:

  • facilitates ease and convenience as teachers have digital access to teaching notes and can print reproducibles rather than photocopying
  • contains extra word lists, answers to activities and a glossary
  • contains a list of spelling rules and tips, along with bonus punctuation wall charts.
More Information
Year Level Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9781420236552
Subject English