Starting out with Chickens

Author: Bruce Pattinson, Publisher: Five Senses

Starting out with Chickens – A simple guide to the care and maintenance of these varied species.

Chickens provide eggs for the family, manure for the garden, very unique personalities and much fun and laughter. They come in many shapes and colours, something indeed for everyone. They vary so much in size from the bantams (little chooks) to the standard size (big chooks) that you will have no trouble finding a bird that suits the space you have.

Everyone will have their favourite ‘chook’ and this book will give you a good indication of the types of birds available and give you some basic terminology. Most backyard owners have the egg laying breeds but some choose the dual-purpose breeds (meat and eggs) for their usually docile natures and looks.

Together we will examine where to keep them, how to feed them, basic health problems and some breeding tips in case you wish to get involved. Chickens are very simple animals to keep, they only require food, water and some safe shelter. In return they supply eggs in abundance and lots of enjoyment.

Chickens make great family pets and with some simple care you can keep them even in the suburbs. I hope that this book will help you have many hours of enjoyment with your new feathered friends.


  • Introduction
  • Chickens
  • Beginning in Poultry
  • Housing
  • Equipment
  • Choosing a breed
  • Feeding
  • General Management and Care
  • Breeding Chickens
  • Common Pests and Diseases
  • Index
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Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9781741309430
Subject Agriculture