Strengthen English Visual Text Comprehension for Lower Secondary Levels

Author: J. Lee, Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)

Visual texts are texts that are constructed using images or a combination of images and written language. As visual texts are commonly used, the ability to understand and interpret visual texts is an important part of effective communication.

Strengthen English Visual Text Comprehension For Lower Secondary Levels enhances students’ understanding of how language and visuals are used to communicate meaning.

Variety of Visual Texts
Visual texts for a variety of purposes are provided to help students develop familiarity with the ways language and visuals are used for impact in various contexts.

Useful Practice Tests
A wide range of questions are included to enhance comprehension and inference skills. The questions draw attention to how visual texts are constructed to suit the purpose and audience.

Suggested answers to all questions are provided for reference and self-assessment. 

More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 9789814754354
Subject English