Student's Companion Lower Secondary Science Biology S1&2

Author: , Publisher: Fairfield Book Publishers Singapore (FBP)

Student's Companion Lower Secondary Science Chemistry is carefully written in accordance to the latest Lower Secondary Science syllabus. This assessment book consists of 6 topical examination papers following the 6 topics of the Biology lower secondary science syllabus. In each paper, there are 3 sections:

  • Section A: Multiple-choice questions
  • Section B: Structured questions
  • Section C: Free Response questions

This exemplifies one of the Lower Secondary Science end-of-the-year examination formats in Singapore schools. Students are, however, advised to check the actual examination format with their teachers as examination formats vary with each school.

The 6 topical examination papers in this book prepares the student in a number of ways. Firstly, by subjecting students to assessment conditions, they build up their assessment confidence and are less likely to experience panic during the actual examination. Secondly, as the many questions in each paper are confined to only one topic, the paper becomes an intensive drilling practise.

The questions set in this book reflect a move towards less recalling of facts and more towards data analysis and inference skills. Emphasis is also placed on planning of investigations. Such is the trend of examination questions even in the recent O Levels.


  • 1 Understanding Diversity of Living Things
  • 2 Models of Cells – The Basic Units of Life
  • 3 Transport Systems in Living Things
  • 4 Human Digestive System
  • 5 Human Sexual Reproductive System
  • 6 Interactions within Ecosystems
  • Answers
More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9789811159657
Subject Biology, Science