Successful English 1 (Years 1 to 2) (Item No. 510)

Author: Valerie Marett, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Successful English 1 includes exercises for comprehension, grammar and creative writing.

Grammar, comprehension and creative writing will be alternated. The work is presented in small increments that allows the child to absorb the concept. The work becomes harder as the child progresses through the book.

The book covers basic grammar: nouns, verbs, adjectives, punctuation (question marks, full stops) proper nouns, pronouns, adverbs, contractions, articles (a, an, the), and conjunctions (and, but).

Creative writing focuses on simple sentence structure, simple stories and rhyming poetry.

A revision section at the back of the book will allow you to gauge whether or not your child has mastered the concepts. You can also use Test Your Spelling & English K-1 (no. 520) to determine if your child is ready to move onto Successful English 2.

Although this book appears much harder than the average grade 1 book, children who have already completed Learn to Read, Write & Spell 5 (no. 181) should have no trouble with it.

Answers are included for all exercises.

More Information
Year Level Year 1, Year 2
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2008
ISBN 9781862942219
Subject English