Supa Dazzlers Red Box (21 books)

Author: , Publisher: Longman
Now: $45.00 Was: $199.00

Supa Dazzlers are high-interest, low vocabulary triologies to motivate reluctant, older readers from upper primary and older.

This boxed set contains 21 books comprising 7 trilogies. Each book in the series was originally priced at $10.95. Five Senses is able to offer this discontinued boxed set at the super sale price of $45.

The Supa Dazzlers Red Boxed Set includes:

The Freedom Fighters Trilogy:

  • Mindfire
  • Starfight
  • Endgame

The High Jinx Trilogy

  • Sloanes Beach
  • Skateboard Hero
  • Bearded Toad Rocks On

The Time Trippers Trilogy

  • Dad goes to the Jungle
  • Dad goes to Sherwood Forest
  • Dad goes to the Wild West

The Goofy Foot Trilogy

  • The Great Graffiti Caper
  • The Battle of the Bands
  • Goofy Foot on Tour

The Personal Best Trilogy

  • Snowbored
  • All that Jazz
  • Thief

The World Splitters Trilogy

  • Steg Lainer, Super Hero for Hire
  • Invasion of the Gigabots
  • The Liberation of Slave Planet Donto

Here's the Deal Trilogy

  • Lochy Loser
  • The Undorking of Dwayne
  • War Crazy


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ISBN 9780733920691
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