Surfing National Earth & Environmental Science Unit 3

Author: David Heffernan & Rob Mahon, Publisher: Science Press

Unit 3: Living on Earth: Using and Managing Earth Resources

Each book in the Surfing series contains a summary, with occasional more detailed sections, of all the mandatory parts of the syllabus, along with questions and answers.

All types of questions – multiple choice, short response, structured response and free response – are provided. Questions are written in exam style so that you will become familiar with the concepts of the topic and answering questions in the required way. Answers to all questions are included.

A topic test at the end of the book contains an extensive set of summary questions. These cover every aspect of the topic, and are useful for revision and exam practice.

More Information
Year Level Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9780855836900
Subject Earth and Environmental Science, Science