Targeting Mental Maths New Edition Year 1

Author: , Publisher: Pascal Press

When children can solve problems in their heads they feel more confident in their own abilities. The development of mental computation progresses through a range of strategies that can be improved by regular practice. The six books (Year 1 to Year 6) in the Targeting Mental Maths series target the structured development of children's mental maths strategies.

Each double-page weekly unit includes an explanation and practice of a specific mental strategy alongside sets of focused questions that reinforce important basic facts. The Problem of the week is a motivating problem that gets children thinking and applying their mathematical skills.

This series is part of the Targeting Maths scheme of Student Books, Teaching Guides, Assessment Books and CD-ROMs. The first maths scheme to make teaching and learning mathematics truly enjoyable for all!

Fully-integrated problem-solving program
The New Edition of NSW Targeting maths specially includes an integrated problem solving program that actively builds your students' abilities to think mathematically, solve problems and communicate their answers in a variety of ways.
Problem solving is fully incorporated into each topic. In this way, students apply the skills they have recently learnt to solve one of a range of really good problems. Problem solving pages appear regularly so that students build a suite of skills and strategies as they progress through the year, and through the series as a whole.

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Year Level Year 1
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9781742151557
Subject Maths