Teaching Mathematics: Foundation to Middle Years 2e

Author: Dianne Siemon, Kim Beswick, Kathy Brady, Julie Clark, Rhonda Faragher, Elizabeth Warren, Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years connects readers to the bigger picture of mathematics. This comprehensive resource is designed to help pre-service teachers gradually build mathematically knowledge and become confident about teaching the subject to a range of age groups, in diverse learning environments. Spanning Foundations to 9 mathematics curriculum, the book’s unique structure explores the different stages of how children learn maths and how to teach maths, before drilling down to the specific strands and skills by age group.

Updated to draw on the revised Australian Curriculum, the second edition is rich with student work examples, practical activities and a wealth of teaching and learning tools to ensure pre-service teachers feel positive about mathematics and their role in teaching it.

New to this edition

  • Additional and updated practical activities for pre-service teachers to take straight into the classroom
  • More student work examples throughout to help link theory to practice and more references to the Australian Curriculum
  • ‘Teaching Challenges’ feature explores examples of students’ miscomprehension, likely difficulties, error identification and analysis in student work
  • ‘Consider and Discuss Your Maths’ and ‘Consider and Discuss Your Teaching’ questions and tasks differentiate between learning mathematical content and learning to teach maths in the classroom
  • All chapters updated to draw on contemporary mathematics education research and current theories on the teaching and learning of mathematics and with reference to the current revised Australian Curriculum


  • Part 1: Setting the Scene
  • 1. Understanding School Mathematics
  • 2. Learning Mathematics
  • 3. Teaching Mathematics
  • Part 2: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities
  • 4. Thinking Mathematically
  • 5. Communicating Mathematically
  • 6. Representing Mathematically
  • 7. Assessing and Reporting
  • 8. Understanding Diversity
  • Part 3: Exploring the Big Ideas in Mathematics
  • 9. Numeracy in the Curriculum
  • 10. Developing a Sense of Number and Algebra
  • 11. Developing a Sense of Measurement and Geometry
  • 12. Developing a Sense of Statistics and Probability
  • Part 4: Laying the Basis for F–4 Mathematics
  • 13. Algebraic Thinking: F–4
  • 14. Number Ideas and Strategies: F–2
  • 15. Place Value: F–4
  • 16. Additive Thinking: F–4
  • 17. Multiplicative Thinking: F–4
  • 18. Fractions and Decimal Fractions: F–4
  • 19. Measurement Concepts and Strategies: F–4
  • 20. Geometric Thinking: F–4
  • 21. Statistics and Probability: F–4
  • Part 5: Extending Mathematics to the Middle Years: 5–9
  • 22. Number: Fractions, Decimals and Reals: 5–9
  • 23. Additive Thinking: 5–9
  • 24. Multiplicative Thinking and Proportional Reasoning: 5–9
  • 25. Algebraic Thinking: 5–9
  • 26. Measurement Concepts and Strategies: 5–9
  • 27. Geometric Thinking: 5–9
  • 28. Statistics and Probability: 5–9
  • Part 6: Entering the Profession
  • 29. Becoming a Professional Teacher of Mathematics

About the Authors

Dianne Siemon – Professor, RMIT University

Kim Beswick – Professor, University of Tasmania

Kathy Brady – Head, Student Learning Centre, Flinders University

Julie Clark – Associate Professor, Flinders University

Rhonda Faragher – Senior Lecturer, Australian Catholic University

Elizabeth Warren – Professor, Australian Catholic University

More Information
Year Level Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 6 November 2015
ISBN 9780195523829
Subject Maths