Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies: A Practical Classroom Guide

Author: Sheena Cameron, Publisher: Pearson
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Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies is a step-by-step guide based on the latest reading comprehension research and is the result of Sheena’s learning journey into research-based practice and her experiences teaching in a real classroom.

This book includes information on how to introduce and teach strategies and how they fit into your literacy programme. Each strategy has its own chapter, with:

  • an explanation of the strategy and how it supports comprehension
  • the language we use when using a strategy
  • guided and independent student activities that support teaching the strategy.

There is also an extensive range of teacher- and student-friendly support material, including strategy starter posters, photocopiable masters, bookmarks and certificates.

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies comes with a CD that provides all photocopy masters and support material in digital format.



  • Introduction 
  • A model for introducing and teaching reading comprehension strategies 
  • Creating a supportive classroom environment for strategy teaching 
  • Getting started: some frequently asked questions answered 
  • Recording the learning process 
  • How to use this book 


  • Activating prior knowledge 
  • Self-monitoring 
  • Predicting 
  • Questioning 
  • Making connections 
  • Visualising 
  • Inferring 
  • Summarising 
  • Synthesising

Other useful strategies 

  • Skimming 
  • Scanning 
  • Adjusting reading rate 
  • Evaluating the text 
  • Word attack strategies 
  • Fix-up strategies 
  • Building vocabulary knowledge
  • References 
  • Acknowledgements

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More Information
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9781442518612
Subject English
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