Tell the Time Set (Ages 5-10)

Author: , Publisher: Galt Toys

A fun approach to learning how to tell the time!

Helps children learn how to tell, measure and understand the time while enjoying fun activities. Both analogue and 12 hour digital telling the time are introduced. The clock clearly shows how to read the half and quarter hours as well as minutes past the hour and minutes to the hour.

The three wipe-clean cards include fun analogue and digital clocks and watches to encourage your child to write and tell the time practising what they have learnt.

The twelve-sided Tell the Time dice add to the fun! throw the two colour-coded dice and tell the time! The hours 1 to 12 are shown on the red dice which matches the red hand on the teaching clock and the minutes 00, 05, 10, 15, 20, etc. are shown on the blue dice which matches the blue minute hand.

Children will also enjoy using the 1 and 5 minute sand timers in games which help them appreciate the passage of time and writing the results on the wipe-clean cards.

A diary is included on one card for your child to plan each day and make a timetable for the week. There are 70 fun reusable stickers to illustrate the week's activities.



  • Galt Teaching Clock
  • 1 minute sand timer
  • 5 minute sand timer
  • 2 large twelve-sided Tell the Time dice
  • 3 reusable double-sided activity cards
  • wipe-off pen
  • vinyl sticker sheet with 70 stickers
  • sponge
  • step by step guide
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