Telling Time Hanging Chart

Author: , Publisher: Edu-Petit

Get kids learning how to tell the time with the interactive (WH412) Time Telling Hanging Chart.

With a variety of 'times' patches your child can learn how to tell time. If they've just started, the parent can change the digital and analog times while the child changes the activity and/or "It is [morning/evening/night]" patches. As your child learns, they can start adjusting the all the times on the chart themselves.

Measures approximately 51x41cm


  • Analog clock with hours and minutes markings, and moveable lock hands
  • Digital time with adjustable hours and minutes, a flap to change between AM and PM
  • 7 "It is [time] patches" - Dawn / Morning / Midday / Afternoon / Evening / Night / Midnight
  • 10 activity patches - Waking up Time / School Time / Reading Time / Playing Time / Tea Time / Shopping Time / Music Time / Meal Time / Bath Time / Bed Time
  • Space for you to personalise the chart with a photo
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