Text-based Language and Literacy Education: Programming and Methodology

Author: Helen de Silva Joyce and Susan Feez, Publisher: Phoenix

Text-based approaches to language and literacy education have been adopted in all sectors of education from early childhood to post-school education and training. This book provides educators working in all these sectors with practical guidance through all stages of planning and delivering a text-based language and/or literacy program.

It provides teachers with knowledge about the text-based approach illustrated through examples from school and adult programs. It also provides practical tools such as sample analyses of genres, checklists for assessment and evaluating resources and lists of language features and activities for the classroom.

This book is essential reading for educators involved in planning and implementing programs that focus on enabling students to engage with whole spoken, written or multimodal texts for educational, social or work purposes.


1 Exploring text

  • When language is a text
  • Text in context
  • Genre and text
  • The uniqueness of texts
  • Intertextuality of texts
  • Multimodal texts
  • Text in a social theory of language
  • Chapter review
  • Reflection tasks

2 Foundations of a text-based approach

  • Language development
  • Text as the basis for language education
  • Models of language, learning and pedagogy
  • Debates about text-based approaches
  • Chapter review
  • Reflection tasks

3 Designing a text-based teaching program

  • Language, learning and pedagogy
  • Principles of classroom sequences
  • Analysing language learning needs
  • Analysing context and text
  • Selecting outcomes and setting objectives
  • Chapter review
  • Reflection tasks

4 Planning program sequences

  • Text-based programming
  • Programming frameworks
  • Learning domains
  • Language, literacy and knowledge
  • Chapter review
  • Reflection tasks

5 Teaching and learning sequences

  • Implementing a text-based program
  • Integrating the macroskills
  • Units of work
  • Planning lessons
  • Chapter review
  • Reflection tasks

6 Assessment – learning and achievement

  • Types of assessment
  • Validity and reliability
  • Setting students up for success
  • Recording and reporting
  • Dynamic assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Assessment debates
  • Chapter review
  • Reflection tasks


  • Appendix A Glossary
  • Appendix B   Genre analyses
  • Appendix C   Class profile grid
  • Appendix D   Text analysis checklists
  • Appendix E   Features of visual texts
  • Appendix F   Strategies and skills
  • Appendix G  Repertoire of language features
  • Appendix H Repertoire of activities
  • Appendix I    Checklist for evaluating resources
  • Appendix J    Writing assessment checklist


Answers to reflection tasks

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Date of Publication 2012
ISBN 9781921586118
Subject English