The Active Look It Up!

Author: Eshuys, Forrestal & Guest, Publisher: Cengage Learning

Look It Up! has been a highly popular reference book for secondary English students for many years, updated regularly to take account of students’ changing needs. The Active Look It Up! has identical content to Look It Up! but student activities have been added throughout the chapters to allow students to test their own understanding. This third edition has been revised to match the Australian Curriculum. It is an invaluable reference for both the Language and Literacy strands, and a useful resource for students preparing for NAPLAN tests. Many schools recommend that students purchase this resource in Year 7. It becomes a regular companion to their English studies throughout secondary school. 

As well as covering the terminology of the Australian Curriculum, The Active Look It Up! reflects the concepts about language that underpin the curriculum: that language is constantly changing; that the English language has a rich and fascinating history; that English is an international language with many dialects; that Standard Australian English is the preferred choice in formal situations in Australia. Detailed explanations of different types of text are provided and the annotated examples will be especially useful for students. Teachers will be grateful for the clear and comprehensive guide to visual grammar.


  • This is a quick and easy guide to language conventions – check a spelling rule, find a grammatical term, refer to the different uses of a punctuation mark, look up a question of usage
  • Information can be accessed quickly from the index or the detailed table of contents
  • Types of texts are grouped under three categories: imaginative text types, information text types and argument or persuasive text types
  • Samples of text types – written texts, oral texts and visual texts – are clearly annotated so that their main features can be seen
  • Information on publishing conventions has been updated to include the referencing of electronic texts
  • The sections on visual literacy have been extended, with full colour examples
  • The number of student activities in Active Look It Up! has been increased.
More Information
Date of Publication 2012
ISBN 9780170183048
Subject English
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