The Ancient World: Australian History Series Book 7

Author: Fiona Back, Publisher: Ready-Ed Publications

Australian History Series Book 7: The Ancient World has been written specifically for students living in Australia studying History in Year 7. It explores the time between the earliest human communities and the end of the ancient period (c. 60 000BCE – c. 650 CE).

Every activity sheet has a corresponding students information page. Both have been created to give students the opportunity to meet the requirements of the Australian National Curriculum.

Students will find the tasks in Book 7: The Ancient World accessible and engaging and this will maximise class participation and enjoyment of history.

  • Section 1: Investigating the Ancient Past
  • Section 2: The Ancient World - Rome
  • Section 3: The Ancient World - Egypt
  • Section 4: The Ancient World - Greece
  • Section 5: The Ancient World - China
  • Section 6: The Ancient World - India

Photocopiable under the blackline master licence.

More Information
Year Level Year 7
Date of Publication 2011
ISBN 9781863978262
Subject History