The Beggar of Uttar Pradesh

Author: Richard Baines, Publisher: Phoenix

The Beggar of Uttar Pradesh is a play which tells the comic story of the beggar Harisarman, who manages to get rich by sheer good luck!

The Beggar of Uttar Pradesh keeps faith with the Bollywood tradition. It is based on an old Indian folktale. It contains seven songs, all of which comment on the action taking place on the stage. There are three major song-and-dance routines: in the market place, at the wedding and outside the royal palace. There is also a solo dance sequence. Being a melodrama The Beggar of Uttar Pradesh contains a dramatic reversal of fortune and several convenient coincidences. It is a comedy which also delivers a nasty villain, an unlikely hero, a love affair, a happy ending and a cow.

What else could one want?

More Information
Date of Publication 2015
ISBN 9781921586965
Subject Creative Arts, Drama