The Belonging ESL Workbook

Author: Lesley Fitzpatrick & Judith Mee, Publisher: Five Senses

The Belonging ESL Workbook
HSC English ESL Area of Study
Lesley Fitzpatrick & Judith Mee

The Belonging ESL Workbook is designed to provide a
comprehensive guide to the Area of Study: Belonging for
ESL course students at HSC level.

This workbook contains information on Belonging and text-related questions that will enable you to get a working definition and complete understanding of the topic.

Study Activities that guide you through the complexities of the Area of Study are also included.

The Belonging ESL workbook contains:
- A detailed study of Belonging
- A glossary of textual features
- A Text Analysis Framework
- Analysis of each prescribed text
- A guide to understanding and using related texts
- Sample related texts with analyses and questions
- Advice on preparing extended responses
- Practice HSC exam questions.

More Information
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9781741300628
Subject English