The Codebreaker Series 04. Tessa and Sam

Author: Freeman & Center, Publisher: Five Senses

These readers provide an opportunity for beginning readers to practise new sounds and consolidate previously learnt ones in connected text. They also allow students to access words which are irregular or as yet, undecodable. The words used here contain some sounds that have already been taught, so children can use their phonological skills to help work them out, rather than relying solely on their memory.

At the same time, the interactive text reading by adult and child facilitates the development of comprehension strategies in young learners, fluency and accuracy. Each book also includes smaller print which adults read to add interest and richness to the story whilst the child reads the larger print. Word pictures are added to the text to make it more interesting and each book comes with recommended reading procedures that will enhance the learning experience.

There are 24 readers in the series in 3 sets, in order of difficulty.

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ISBN 9781741307047
Subject English