The Essential Oral Language Toolkit: A Practical Guide For Teachers

Author: Jane Van Der Zeyden, Publisher: Tools 4 Teachers
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The Essential Oral Language Toolkit will show you how to include rich oral language tasks across the curriculum.

As well as all the essential information you need about effective teacher practice, oral language features, purposes, expectations, assessment and oral language in innovative learning environments, there are a large number of practical strategies that can be incorporated into your teaching.

For each task or strategy there is information about:

  • The purpose and the learning focus including the language functions
  • Procedure
  • How to differentiate the strategy for different ages and stages
  • What to notice about your students oral language use as they complete the task
  • Templates and exemplars for teacher use.

You’ll also find:

  • Lots of examples of rich oral language tasks
  • Templates for designing your own tasks
  •  Units of work with an oral language focus.
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Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9780473346720
Subject English