The Orchard

Author: Modjeska , Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Prescribed Texts for HSC 2009-2012-Extension Module A Genre:Elective 1:Life Writing

'In The Orchard [Modjeska] further develops her distinctive style, weaving fact with fiction, the essay with a flowing fictional narrative, and stories within stories... Modjeska is accessible and entertaining, a good story-teller... Love, adultery, marriage, and domination; sight, the fear of blindness, solitude and self-knowledge; childhood, education and the plight of the intellectual woman; all come under Modjeska's intelligent scrutiny. Her dexterity at interlacing these assorted skeins without unravelling or entanglement is to be marvelled at'–CANBERRA TIMES

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ISBN 9780330356558
Subject English, English Extension