To Know, Worship and Love Year 9 2/e

Author: Elliott, Publisher: CEO

The author of Book 9, Dr. Kathleen Engebretson, draws on her proven pedagogical skills to provide the mid-teens with an engaging text that begins with a strong scriptural emphasis. The first chapter, The Bible: a Book or a Library, leads into chapter 2, How to Read the Bible with specific studies in chapter 3, Old Testament: Selected Texts. In chapter 4, People Who Cared: the Prophets and Social Justice, students are also able reflect on a contemporary understanding of the prophetic mission

What Do Catholics Believe, continues the work of revision and precision begun in the two previous years. Based on the history of Council of Nicaea and explaining the words of the Nicene Creed, this fifth chapter focuses on the Incarnation, the Trinity and the Church.

Chapter 6 covers key themes in local Church history, The Catholic Church in Australia: Education and Politics. Church history is an important component in all the secondary texts of To Know, Worship and Love. Young Catholics need to know where they come from, and who has gone before them, in order to understand their identity and Christian vocation in the twenty-first century, hence the complementary chapter 7, The Catholic Church in Australia, Looking to the Future.

The mid teens do not represent a settled phase of life, hence the strategy of religious education which will hold a student’s interest, with some specific goals. In this regard chapter 8, Images of Good and Evil, has particular relevance as it draws on contemporary films and different styles of art. The issue of the media and its misuse can promote a critical Christian “subversion” of the destructive side of the mass media, with all the ethical and spiritual implications.

Chapter 9, Healing and Hope, the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is important at this stage. The four secondary books for Years 7 to 10 include an appendix that sets out exactly “how to go to confession” according to the first rite of reconciliation, together with private prayers when receiving the Eucharist. Healing and Hope, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, chapter 10 explores the last of the seven sacraments and the meaning and power of Christ’s healing love.

Mary, Mother of God and the Church, Chapter 10, offers scope for a wider study of major elements in Mariology, adding something unusual that interests many young people today, the various Marian apparitions.

Chapter 12, The Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, lays the foundation for themes of ethics and social justice that will be developed more formally in Years 10, 11 and 12,

A useful Glossary of Catholic terms is provided together with the three “Time Lines” and the other Appendices that appeared in the previous years.

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Year Level Year 9
ISBN 9781864202465
Subject Studies of Religion
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