Top Notes Drama: Our Town

Author: Nisha Prichard, Publisher: Five Senses

Top Notes Drama Guides: Thornton Wilder’s Our Town
Study notes for American Drama

Top Notes Drama Guides (Pink) have been created to assist students in their analytical study of drama and in their understanding of various theatrical styles. Included in this series are studies of different texts that students may encounter in the theory section of their senior studies. Top Notes are easy to read, providing analysis of issues and discussion of important ideas contained in the texts.

Particular care has been taken to ensure that students are able to gain an understanding not just of the text but also dramatic techniques.

Each text includes notes on:

  • The playwright
  • Plot summary
  • Character analysis
  • Setting
  • Thematic concerns
  • Language studies
  • Theatrical techniques
  • Study practice questions
  • Useful quotes
  • Other readings
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ISBN 9781741300888
Subject Creative Arts, Drama
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