Top Stories 1

Author: Jo Ryan (editor), Publisher: Pearson

Top Stories 1 brings together some of Australia's best writers, showcasing the art of the short story. Top Stories 1 features writing that is imaginative, moving, profound, funny, innovative, playful and varied, all of which can be read and studied in one English lesson.

The stories are aimed at junior and middle secondary students, catering for a variety of learning levels.


  1. Morris Gleitzman - Bits of an Autobiography I May Not Write
  2. Andy Griffiths - To Switch or Not to Switch
  3. Carole Wilkinson - Eight Legs, Two Wheels
  4. Meredith Costain - Time Flies
  5. Archimede Fusillo - Missing the Last Laugh
  6. Christine Harris - Doing Time
  7. Jackie French - Smudge
  8. Victor Kelleher - Haunted
  9. Gillian Rubinstein - A Dolphin Dream
  10. Garth Nix - Three Roses
  11. Paul Jennings - Round the Bend
  12. Sophie Masson - Snake Man
  13. Allan Baillie - Cheat!
  14. Libby Gleeson - Rain
  15. Isobelle Carmody- The Red Shoes
  16. Margo Lanagan - Sweet Pippit
More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2007
ISBN 9781740818384
Subject English
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