Author: Sally Murphy, Publisher: Walker Books

A moving and triumphant illustrated verse novel about the importance of friendship.

“Toppling” is a fantastic new verse novel from Sally Murphy and a fitting partner title with her first book with Walker Books, “Pearl Verses the World.” John is obsessed with dominoes but not with playing the traditional game; he is obsessed with toppling. He spends hours setting up spirals, ramps, patterns and lines of dominoes all for that satisfying topple. Beginning with a small push in the right direction, everything falls as it is meant to. When John’s friend Dom falls sick and is diagnosed with cancer, it is John and his friends worlds that fall apart. Can they face Dom and support him through his illness? It’s hard for all at first but John and his friends find a way to comfort Dom and laugh with him again. They even find support and understanding from an unlikely source within their class, the school bully.

  • Deals with childhood illness in an understanding and sensitive way
  • Uplifting and hopeful ending
  • Striking illustrations by Rhian Nest James, illustrator of the highly successful Samurai Kids series
More Information
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9781921529429