Tying the Knot: Teacher Resource Book

Author: Edel Wignell, Publisher: Phoenix

Tying the Knot Teacher’s Resource Book includes background information on the stories and the cultures they came from, and ideas and activities to use in the classroom.

Folk tales are part of the oral tradition – stories handed down through word-of-mouth by storytellers in families and communities. They emerged from the lives and experiences of ordinary people, long before the first printing presses were invented in the 15th century.

This collection, suitable for students from Year 6 to Year 9, includes:

  • A tall tale tells how a young husband learns to cope with a stubborn wife and, eventually, to outwit her! In another, a man and his wife argue, and neither will give in, so they wager on the outcome.
  • In the 'clever girl' tradition are 'The Maiden Wiser than the Tsar' and 'The Riddles', in which young women improve their condition and that of their families by their wit and wisdom.
  • A poor, but resourceful young man enters a royal household by courting a princess who appreciates his outrageous sense of humour, while a lazy one relies on luck and a snippet of effort.
  • In an African tale, six young women seek an elusive young man, and in a Chinese one, a queen outwits a cruel husband who seeks immortality.
  • The Cinderella tale, popularised by Perrault (France), can be found in more than 300 cultures. This collection includes the variant told by the Algonquin First Nations of North America.
More Information
Year Level Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9
Date of Publication 2006
ISBN 9781921085222
Subject English
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